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Vendangeur Masqué VDF Caravan 2013–Alice and Olivier De Moor


I love tasting a wine for the first time, especially if I know little or nothing about it.  The anticipation before the first sip can be fun. The De Moor wines have been favorites of mine for a few years. They are always delicious and well made, pure and very satisfying.

Sitting at the counter of a favorite wine bar and bistrot the waiter showed me this De Moor bottle and asked if I wanted a glass…trés rapidement je l’ai dit “absolument.”  Yes, I will be throwing in some French phrases in my reviews if I think they are correct.

Back to the wine….its appearance was quite clear with a light golden color, it was radiant. The nose was a bit muted.  As I tasted it I was aware of the smooth easy texture. It had a pleasant roundness, some lemony notes and a nice tang as the acidity went from mid-palate to the finish. In my second glass, you didn’t think I would have only one glass did you, more herbal and vegetative flavors were apparent and a refreshing crispness caught my attention. It was a bit leaner and showed some more complexity.  I thought it might be a Chardonnay but I was not sure.

Well, it turns out the wine was 100% Viognier.  Alice and Olivier purchase the pressed juice from Gerald Oustric, Domaine du Mazel, in the Ardèche. They vinify it at their facility in Courgis. I recently had a brief chat with Olivier. He told me he made this wine because he wanted to make something different and he is pleased with the results. I am also pleased with the results and look forward to drinking this wine again as well as their other bottlings.

One more thing…I am curious who of my many readers can identify where I drank this wine, so let me know  where you think it was.



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Andrew Krell is the epicurean youthful elder on our team. Not only does he know pretty much everyone related to natural wine in Paris (places included), but he often drinks wines we never heard of in downtown N.Y.C. where he resides. Music is wine, wine is music and it influences how he experiences what he drinks: based on emotions, taste, guitar riffs and melodies. We love him for that and for many other things too ;)

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