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La Butte 2014 – Le Clos du Tue-Boeuf

La Butte 2014 - Le Clos du Tue-Boeuf

I love gamays from Cheverny. The best are alive and delicious and expressive of their terroir.  Le Clos du Tue-Boeuf produces many wonderful and expressive wines and La Butte is no exception.

La Butte is mainly gamay with a small percentage of côt.  The appearance is a bit cloudy and the color a little lighter than the accompanying photo.  It has 11% alcohol.   This wine is very easy to drink and very easy to drink quickly.

The nose is nice and farmy with some dark fruits in the background.  On the palate it has a nice brightness and it feels round. There is red  and dark fruit mingled together.  A bit of zippiness, perhaps lingering co2, lifts it up.  The acidity complements the freshness and a muskiness keeps it grounded.

With some air it becomes a little more serious. It gains some weight and complexity and the texture is more noticeable. Now there are more woodsy elements.  It tastes like the outdoors, it tastes like Cheverny.

In my last glass from the bottle the fruit was more prominent and some floral notes appeared.  Il était un vin très délicieux et super avec poulet rôti et champignons sautés avec des herbes.

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Andrew Krell is the epicurean youthful elder on our team. Not only does he know pretty much everyone related to natural wine in Paris (places included), but he often drinks wines we never heard of in downtown N.Y.C. where he resides. Music is wine, wine is music and it influences how he experiences what he drinks: based on emotions, taste, guitar riffs and melodies. We love him for that and for many other things too ;)

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