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Vins Nouveaux 2015

VINS NOUVEAUX 2015 ! 2015 vintage was a good one for almost all regions and winemakers, and what better preview than the “Primeur” or “Nouveau” wines ? I tried a few wines from different area and I’ll share it with you ! Côtes du Rhône Nouveau 2015 – Marcel Richaud Nouveau wines are not only for Beaujolais, this one is from South Rhone Valley, made by Cairanne superstar Marcel Richaud. It has all you excpect from a Primeur wine x all you excpect from a good Marcel Richaud’s Côtes du Rhône : a fruit bomb, peppery and juicy, round and generous, with a kicking acidity and a refreshing bitterness. A tasty alternative to the Beaujolais ! Vin de France (Beaujolais) 2015 – Domaine des Grottes Great wine ! Never heard about the winery before but totally awsome : tiny place with polyculture in Biodynamie (vines, wheat, vegetables, plants…), ridiculous production (15 hl/hectare), 100% natural… As a result that Beaujolais nouveau is fantastic ! Delightful fruity juice, ripe and tasty, I can’t wait to try the …