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“Kharaktêr” 2010 – Christian Chaussard

"Kharaktêr" 2010 - Christian Chaussard

In the city of Nice (South of France) there is a mythic and historic wine bar named “La Part des Anges”, there you can drink the best of natural wines at ridiculously low price.

There I had the chance to drink one of the last bottles of “Kharaktêr” 2010 from Christian Chaussard, unfortunately a rarity since the Christian passed away in 2012…

It’s a wonderful ripe Chenin blanc, on pear, quince, gooseberries notes, straight and mineral, with a perfect balance and a long finale. Truly natural but without caricature. A very gastronomic wine ! That paired really well with a few sardines and delicious bread with a thick layer of butter !


It’s always emotional to drink one of the last bottles made by Christian Chaussard… Really happy to have been able to enjoy it !

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I was a young sommelier, freshly out of school, and already bored by the wines I had in hands. Then I met natural wine in 2009 and most importantly people who made it and people who drink it. Fascinated and passionate, I love my wine to be alive and free, with a soul, an ethic, and a story.

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