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Vins Nouveaux 2015



2015 vintage was a good one for almost all regions and winemakers, and what better preview than the “Primeur” or “Nouveau” wines ?
I tried a few wines from different area and I’ll share it with you !

Côtes du Rhône Nouveau 2015 – Marcel Richaud


Nouveau wines are not only for Beaujolais, this one is from South Rhone Valley, made by Cairanne superstar Marcel Richaud.
It has all you excpect from a Primeur wine x all you excpect from a good Marcel Richaud’s Côtes du Rhône : a fruit bomb, peppery and juicy, round and generous, with a kicking acidity and a refreshing bitterness. A tasty alternative to the Beaujolais !

Vin de France (Beaujolais) 2015 – Domaine des Grottes


Great wine !

Never heard about the winery before but totally awsome : tiny place with polyculture in Biodynamie (vines, wheat, vegetables, plants…), ridiculous production (15 hl/hectare), 100% natural…
As a result that Beaujolais nouveau is fantastic ! Delightful fruity juice, ripe and tasty, I can’t wait to try the regular Beaujolais from them !

Bonus :

At “Jour de Fête” (nice wine bistro in Strasbourg city) our local Alsace natural winemakers treated us with unreleased 2015 Vin Nouveau in Jeroboam (and were also personally there for the party !) : Muscat from Patrick Meyer / Gewurztraminer with skin contact from Bruno Schueller / And three Pinot Noir from Catherine Riss, Jean-Pierre Rietsch, and Domaine Kumpf et Meyer, all in 2015 ! A great idea and a nice attention from them !

Beaujolais Nouveau 2015 – Château Cambon
Beaujolais Villages Nouveau 2015 – Jean-Paul Brun (Les Terres Dorées)


Both good, my preference goes to Château Cambon for the juicy, fresh, and easy going character.
The one from Brun was surprisingly good too, more classical and a bit less funky but very ripe and velvety. A high level Beaujolais.

Vin de France Nouveau 2015 – Domaine Henri Milan


This was the last Nouveau for this year (I guess) and it’s a wonderful one !

“Milan Nouveau” 2015 by Domaine Henri Milan, winemaker superstar in Provence !
Very different from all the Nouveau I had, it’s really light and easy, but it tastes like a “finished” wine, a simple wine but a wine I could drink at any time of the year. More than easy to drink, really juicy with low acidity and herbal notes, more peppery than fruity, a lil bit wild. After breathing it makes me feel like the L’Anglore (Pfifferling) small rosé “Chemin de la Brune” ! That would be an awesome summer wine ! Too bad Nouveau wines take place in winter… Very impressed !

Plus :

I also had a Lapalu Beaujolais Nouveau (no picture), classical and good, without surprise. And a Beaujolais Nouveau from Côtes de la Molière that was unfortunately corked, then sold out… next year !

Quality of the 2015 vintage is fantastic as we all know and the preview we have with those great Vin Nouveau 2015 don’t lie !

Can’t wait to have the regular wines of all those wineries !

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