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Pampois 2014 – Nicolas Reau

Pampois 2014 - Nicolas Reau

Cabernet Franc is not the kind of wine we are very found of. But, when it comes from the Loire valley and when it is so nicely done, it is wonderful!
Why? Not only because the red fruits are opulents and are very intense, but also because this 7 months raised wine is so drinkable you’ll be done with the bottle before you even notice it. Fresh, simple and so glou-glou you’ll be begging for more. Nicolas Reau does a wonferful job at doing wines and I’m sure we’ll do many more reviews about this winemaker. He started working with qveries 2 years ago and the result is wonderful. AWESOME work Nicolas, keep it up!

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Jeune amateur de vins naturels, Jean-Hugues commence à vraiment boire du vin depuis 2010, année de création de ce site.

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