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“Émilien” 2012 – Château Le Puy

emilien 2012 chateau le puy

Bordeaux. A region that don’t excites me anymore. Of course during my short sommelier life I tasted some great name of Bordeaux, on mature vintages, at expensive prices… but I finally drink very few Bordeaux. Even less since I drink natural wines !

Here comes Château Le Puy, my personal great Bordeaux, my favorites, everything I love in wine I found it in their Bordeaux wines !
Château Le Puy is a family domaine since 1610 (!) owned by Jean-Pierre and Pascal Amoreau nowadays. Biodynamic, very few (or no) sulfites, no filtration, no new oak barrel. A natural wine but with a strong Bordeaux identity.

“Émilien” is the classic wine from Château Le Puy, a blend of 85% Merlot, then mostly Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Though it’s still pretty young it’s a real pleasure to drink it after decanting : it’s ripe, on the cooked black currant and blueberry, with vegetal hints like red pepper and grass (Cabernet typicality but no caricature). On the palate it’s elegant, thin but generous, absolutely no rough tannins, a long finale, and intense freshness. Really digest ! How many Bordeaux 2012 can be drink like that right now ? Very gastronomic. And an awesome wine on aging. For a reasonable price.

Their best red is “Barthélémy”, it’s made totally without sulfites. Impressive. To anyone who would tell me “it’s impossible to make great wines with no sulfites” I will say “you never tried “Barthélémy” from Château Le Puy”.

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I was a young sommelier, freshly out of school, and already bored by the wines I had in hands. Then I met natural wine in 2009 and most importantly people who made it and people who drink it. Fascinated and passionate, I love my wine to be alive and free, with a soul, an ethic, and a story.

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