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B rouge 2014 – Chapeau Bas

B rouge 2014 du Chapeau Bas

Forget everything you knew and thought were true about Syrah. Let go the oaky, vanilla Parker tremens that goes with it. B red from Chapeau Bas is all about freshness, red fruits and crunchiness and sorry… But the bottle is gone. With a low 11,5% of alcohol, you will be amazed by how this grape variety is so enjoyable! This is why natural wines are so wonderful. They always go against preconceptions of what we thought wine or grape varieties were. Natural wine is a whole new world. Don’t forget to take some time to dive into it and give this one a try!

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Jeune amateur de vins naturels, Jean-Hugues commence à vraiment boire du vin depuis 2010, année de création de ce site.

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