Author: Jean-Hugues

Pampois 2014 - Nicolas Reau

Pampois 2014 – Nicolas Reau

Cabernet Franc is not the kind of wine we are very found of. But, when it comes from the Loire valley and when it is so nicely done, it is wonderful! Why? Not only because the red fruits are opulents and are very intense, but also because this 7 months raised wine is so drinkable you’ll be done with the bottle before you even notice it. Fresh, simple and so glou-glou you’ll be begging for more. Nicolas Reau does a wonferful job at doing wines and I’m sure we’ll do many more reviews about this winemaker. He started working with qveries 2 years ago and the result is wonderful. AWESOME work Nicolas, keep it up!

B rouge 2014 du Chapeau Bas

B rouge 2014 – Chapeau Bas

Forget everything you knew and thought were true about Syrah. Let go the oaky, vanilla Parker tremens that goes with it. B red from Chapeau Bas is all about freshness, red fruits and crunchiness and sorry… But the bottle is gone. With a low 11,5% of alcohol, you will be amazed by how this grape variety is so enjoyable! This is why natural wines are so wonderful. They always go against preconceptions of what we thought wine or grape varieties were. Natural wine is a whole new world. Don’t forget to take some time to dive into it and give this one a try!


What Shall We Drink Tonight .ORG !

We are a handful! We are a bunch of people who met digitally and in real life and we all think natural wines are different and wonderful! Not only because they taste awesomely good but also because they are respectful of nature and respectful of us. It all started in 2010. Nathalie and I were starting to drink natural wine, taking pictures, writing small notes where we would keep track of what we felt and how we liked the wines we tasted. Slowly, this hobby became a passionate center of interest which started to become pretty serious: visiting wine makers, going to wine tasting, reading books, etc. 2 years ago, we received an Instagram message from Andrew asking for an email. He wanted to know if we could meet while he was spending some time in Paris. We met Andrew at Au Passage and really enjoyed the time we spent together. So we kept in touch and later, we also spent some time with him in New-York. Yeah! We mainly talk about natural wines 😉 …

Épaulé-Jeté 2014

Épaulé-Jeté 2014 – Cuvée Grolleau – Catherine & Pierre Breton

If you never heard of Grolleau, don’t worry it is a long forgotten grape variety only brought back to life by the willing and support of the natural wine makers. Both, nose and mouth provide a strong and solid feeling of sincerity coming from soil and work of man. Drinkability is wonderful and if you have a « petit salé aux lentilles » (salt pork with lentils), you’ll have a perfect match! Go for it!

Natural Wine in London?

Natural Wine in London? Shops, Bars & Restaurants [MAP]

Feel like drinking natural wine in London? No problem! Here is the list and map of restaurants, bars and shops where these wines are. Thanks a lot to all our Instagram friends for your help! View Drink Natural Wines in London? in a larger map List of Restaurants, Bars and Shops where you can find them! : Duck Soup : 41, Dean St, London W1D 4PY ‎ 020 7287 4599 – Restaurant Elliot’s Cafe : 12 Stoney St, London SE1 9AD ‎ 020 7403 7436 ‎ – – Restaurant Raw Duck : 5 Amhurst Rd, London E8 1JB ‎- – Restaurant Terroir : 5 William IV St, London WC2N 4DW ‎- 020 7036 0660 – Restaurant Green Man & French Horn 54 St Martin’s Ln, Covent Garden, London WC2N 4EA ‎ 020 7836 2645 ‎ – Restaurant Brawn 49 Columbia Rd, London E2 7RG ‎- 020 7729 5692 – Restaurant Noble Fine Liquor (bottle shop) 27 Broadway Market, London E8 4PH ‎- 020 7254 9737 ‎ – Wine Shop Sager & Wilde : 193 Hackney …


Green man and French Horn, we were there!

Green man and French Horn, we were there!!!! 54 St Martin’s Ln, Covent Garden, London WC2N 4EA, United Kingdom +44 20 7836 2645 Very nice place where you can drink natural wine or have diner/lunch. We dared only to have “Le Petit Buisson 2012 – Le clos du Tue-Bœuf” with my spanish buddies. Also check where to find natural wines in London.