We are a handful!

We are a bunch of people who met digitally and in real life and who all think natural wines are different and wonderful! Not only because they taste awesomely good but also because they are respectful of nature and respectful of us.

Nathalie Jean-huguesIt all started in 2010. Nathalie and I were starting to drink natural wine, taking pictures, writing small notes where we would keep track of what we felt and how we liked the wines we tasted. Slowly, this hobby became a passionate center of interest which started to become pretty serious: visiting wine makers, going to wine tasting, reading books, etc.
Andrew2 years ago, we received an Instagram message from Andrew asking for an email. He wanted to know if we could meet while he was spending some time in Paris. We met Andrew at Au Passage and really enjoyed the time we spent together. So we kept in touch and later, we also spent some time with him in New-York. Yeah! We mainly talk about natural wines 😉
ArnaudThis year, Arnaud Delamarre discovered this site, thanks to the natural wines’  map of Paris we created. He made a huge comment on it, suggesting many changes and updates. We thought we should met him and invite him to join the adventure. We have plenty of room and he’d be in charge of data and maps. Luckily enough, Arnaud was up to it!
Clément2 weeks ago, we went through Clément‘s reviews on wine. They are wonderful and are available in both French and English. So, I reached out to him and found out he was willing to become an author on the blog as well. It’s surprising how sometimes people have the same taste!

We decided we should have one single website with many different writers because it shows how universal and harmonious are natural wines and how gentle they are with mother earth. Sharing is all about finding common grounds by getting rid of distance and borders. Here, we share our natural wine reviews in 2 languages, our own and one foreign. Right now, we are a handful! But who knows what will come next!

This blog is only about positively sharing our love for natural wines!