Month: October 2015

Le fruit de la patience 2012 - Sylvain Bock

Le fruit de la patience 2012 – Sylvain Bock

This wine is by Sylvain Bock of the Ardèche, a region where one can find many excellent natural wines. It is 100% Chardonnay and has 13.5% alcohol. For two years it is aged in old oak barrels, hence the name, and is “sans soufre ajouté.” I drank it at Pratz, in Pigalle, a lovely, small cave à manger owned by Tomas Babot. On offer is an excellent choice of small plates and sandwiches, cans and jars of artisanal food products and a well chosen selection of natural wines. In the glass it has a nice golden color and a clear appearance. The nose has some vegetative notes though the fruit is a bit restrained. On the palate I am immediately struck by the texture; smooth and silky with a nice round mouthfeel, wonderful, and I smile.  Soft ripe fruit is balanced by a crisp acidity which kicks in mid-palate. A very pretty, enjoyable wine which is easy to drink. Cool liquid sunshine in a glass.