Month: September 2015

Les Œillets – Jean-Yves Péron

Les Œillets – Jean-Yves Péron

This lovely wine was quickly consumed by three of us at Septime La Cave in Paris.  The color is a beautiful, rich, somewhat hazy, orange. It is 100% Jacquere and has 9.5% alcohol. On the nose is a nuttiness and dried fruit aromas. The palate is delicious, a real treat, it puts a smile on your face. A pleasant roundness on the tongue and a bit metallic, more dried fruit and some oxidativeness. There is a refreshing acidity and brightness which makes one reach for another sip. This wine is nicely balanced and has a good length. If you know someone who doesn’t like orange wine, offer them a glass of this. If they still don’t like orange wine don’t offer them anymore, finish it yourself!

emilien 2012 chateau le puy

“Émilien” 2012 – Château Le Puy

Bordeaux. A region that don’t excites me anymore. Of course during my short sommelier life I tasted some great name of Bordeaux, on mature vintages, at expensive prices… but I finally drink very few Bordeaux. Even less since I drink natural wines ! Here comes Château Le Puy, my personal great Bordeaux, my favorites, everything I love in wine I found it in their Bordeaux wines ! Château Le Puy is a family domaine since 1610 (!) owned by Jean-Pierre and Pascal Amoreau nowadays. Biodynamic, very few (or no) sulfites, no filtration, no new oak barrel. A natural wine but with a strong Bordeaux identity. “Émilien” is the classic wine from Château Le Puy, a blend of 85% Merlot, then mostly Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Though it’s still pretty young it’s a real pleasure to drink it after decanting : it’s ripe, on the cooked black currant and blueberry, with vegetal hints like red pepper and grass (Cabernet typicality but no caricature). On the palate it’s elegant, thin but generous, absolutely no rough tannins, …

B rouge 2014 du Chapeau Bas

B rouge 2014 – Chapeau Bas

Forget everything you knew and thought were true about Syrah. Let go the oaky, vanilla Parker tremens that goes with it. B red from Chapeau Bas is all about freshness, red fruits and crunchiness and sorry… But the bottle is gone. With a low 11,5% of alcohol, you will be amazed by how this grape variety is so enjoyable! This is why natural wines are so wonderful. They always go against preconceptions of what we thought wine or grape varieties were. Natural wine is a whole new world. Don’t forget to take some time to dive into it and give this one a try!


What Shall We Drink Tonight .ORG !

We are a handful! We are a bunch of people who met digitally and in real life and we all think natural wines are different and wonderful! Not only because they taste awesomely good but also because they are respectful of nature and respectful of us. It all started in 2010. Nathalie and I were starting to drink natural wine, taking pictures, writing small notes where we would keep track of what we felt and how we liked the wines we tasted. Slowly, this hobby became a passionate center of interest which started to become pretty serious: visiting wine makers, going to wine tasting, reading books, etc. 2 years ago, we received an Instagram message from Andrew asking for an email. He wanted to know if we could meet while he was spending some time in Paris. We met Andrew at Au Passage and really enjoyed the time we spent together. So we kept in touch and later, we also spent some time with him in New-York. Yeah! We mainly talk about natural wines 😉 …

"Kharaktêr" 2010 - Christian Chaussard

“Kharaktêr” 2010 – Christian Chaussard

In the city of Nice (South of France) there is a mythic and historic wine bar named “La Part des Anges”, there you can drink the best of natural wines at ridiculously low price. There I had the chance to drink one of the last bottles of “Kharaktêr” 2010 from Christian Chaussard, unfortunately a rarity since the Christian passed away in 2012… It’s a wonderful ripe Chenin blanc, on pear, quince, gooseberries notes, straight and mineral, with a perfect balance and a long finale. Truly natural but without caricature. A very gastronomic wine ! That paired really well with a few sardines and delicious bread with a thick layer of butter ! It’s always emotional to drink one of the last bottles made by Christian Chaussard… Really happy to have been able to enjoy it !