Month: August 2015



Nose is dark, rich, vibrant…palate is dark fruit, sappy, multi-layered, after a bit of air palate shows figs, graphite and a bit grenachy…vegetation present throughout, dynamic, evolving…the minerality and zip pines keep it in balance. It is a big wine, 15% but nicely balanced.

Épaulé-Jeté 2014

Épaulé-Jeté 2014 – Cuvée Grolleau – Catherine & Pierre Breton

If you never heard of Grolleau, don’t worry it is a long forgotten grape variety only brought back to life by the willing and support of the natural wine makers. Both, nose and mouth provide a strong and solid feeling of sincerity coming from soil and work of man. Drinkability is wonderful and if you have a « petit salé aux lentilles » (salt pork with lentils), you’ll have a perfect match! Go for it!