Year: 2015

La Butte 2014 - Le Clos du Tue-Boeuf

La Butte 2014 – Le Clos du Tue-Boeuf

I love gamays from Cheverny. The best are alive and delicious and expressive of their terroir.  Le Clos du Tue-Boeuf produces many wonderful and expressive wines and La Butte is no exception. La Butte is mainly gamay with a small percentage of côt.  The appearance is a bit cloudy and the color a little lighter than the accompanying photo.  It has 11% alcohol.   This wine is very easy to drink and very easy to drink quickly. The nose is nice and farmy with some dark fruits in the background.  On the palate it has a nice brightness and it feels round. There is red  and dark fruit mingled together.  A bit of zippiness, perhaps lingering co2, lifts it up.  The acidity complements the freshness and a muskiness keeps it grounded. With some air it becomes a little more serious. It gains some weight and complexity and the texture is more noticeable. Now there are more woodsy elements.  It tastes like the outdoors, it tastes like Cheverny. In my last glass from the bottle the …


Vins Nouveaux 2015

VINS NOUVEAUX 2015 ! 2015 vintage was a good one for almost all regions and winemakers, and what better preview than the “Primeur” or “Nouveau” wines ? I tried a few wines from different area and I’ll share it with you ! Côtes du Rhône Nouveau 2015 – Marcel Richaud Nouveau wines are not only for Beaujolais, this one is from South Rhone Valley, made by Cairanne superstar Marcel Richaud. It has all you excpect from a Primeur wine x all you excpect from a good Marcel Richaud’s Côtes du Rhône : a fruit bomb, peppery and juicy, round and generous, with a kicking acidity and a refreshing bitterness. A tasty alternative to the Beaujolais ! Vin de France (Beaujolais) 2015 – Domaine des Grottes Great wine ! Never heard about the winery before but totally awsome : tiny place with polyculture in Biodynamie (vines, wheat, vegetables, plants…), ridiculous production (15 hl/hectare), 100% natural… As a result that Beaujolais nouveau is fantastic ! Delightful fruity juice, ripe and tasty, I can’t wait to try the …


“Page Blanche” 2013, Monts et Merveilles

Monts et Merveilles is a new winery in Languedoc (Minervois), with a very small vineyard (4,20 ha) and a fantastic spirit. Laure and Julien started in 2012, following the most evident and simple rules of agriculture combined with biodynamic method. They make wonderful natural wines, full of fruit, freshness, and passion ! Marsanne and Roussanne for the whites, Grenache, Syrah, Carignan for the reds, all of their wines are great. But there was one that particularly stunned me : “Page Blanche” 2013. This wine has an awesome ginseng taste ! Fermentation and 13 month raising in small clay jars (and a part in old barrels) give this Marsanne a wonderful nose on ginseng, roots, pear and earth ! With a delicate and elegant body. A great wine and totally unique ! It was raised in clay jars but has nothing in common with amphora/Qevri wines or “orange” wine. Unfortunately they only produced 500 bottles in 2013 and didn’t do it again. But maybe will it comes out on a future vintage ?   Don’t miss Monts …


La Souteronne 2012–Hervé Souhaut

One of my favorite wine farmers, Hervé Souhaut in the Ardèche, seems to consistently have beautiful wine.  I have not had La Souteronne for a couple of years and I was psyched. From the first swirl and sniff I was enchanted and happy…wonderful aromas.  The nose is vibrant–animal, mineral, vegetable and dark fruit. It sings terroir. The color is a soft cloudy garnet. And the palate is bright, high-toned, hard dark cherry candy with a bit of a zip, maybe some perlant. Then some earth and twigs do a little dance and wet rocks add another dimension. The acidity is not overbearing but balances things nicely.  A lacy branchy texture gently surrounds it all. With some air something floral is evident, perhaps rose petals.  A nice little roughness toward the back of the mouth gives it a bit of seriousness, but this is a pure pleasure wine. It has a dynamic nature, changing and evolving moment to moment. The gamay grapes for this wine come from 60-80 year old vines planted on schist, whole cluster …

Pampois 2014 - Nicolas Reau

Pampois 2014 – Nicolas Reau

Cabernet Franc is not the kind of wine we are very found of. But, when it comes from the Loire valley and when it is so nicely done, it is wonderful! Why? Not only because the red fruits are opulents and are very intense, but also because this 7 months raised wine is so drinkable you’ll be done with the bottle before you even notice it. Fresh, simple and so glou-glou you’ll be begging for more. Nicolas Reau does a wonferful job at doing wines and I’m sure we’ll do many more reviews about this winemaker. He started working with qveries 2 years ago and the result is wonderful. AWESOME work Nicolas, keep it up!

Le fruit de la patience 2012 - Sylvain Bock

Le fruit de la patience 2012 – Sylvain Bock

This wine is by Sylvain Bock of the Ardèche, a region where one can find many excellent natural wines. It is 100% Chardonnay and has 13.5% alcohol. For two years it is aged in old oak barrels, hence the name, and is “sans soufre ajouté.” I drank it at Pratz, in Pigalle, a lovely, small cave à manger owned by Tomas Babot. On offer is an excellent choice of small plates and sandwiches, cans and jars of artisanal food products and a well chosen selection of natural wines. In the glass it has a nice golden color and a clear appearance. The nose has some vegetative notes though the fruit is a bit restrained. On the palate I am immediately struck by the texture; smooth and silky with a nice round mouthfeel, wonderful, and I smile.  Soft ripe fruit is balanced by a crisp acidity which kicks in mid-palate. A very pretty, enjoyable wine which is easy to drink. Cool liquid sunshine in a glass.

Les Œillets – Jean-Yves Péron

Les Œillets – Jean-Yves Péron

This lovely wine was quickly consumed by three of us at Septime La Cave in Paris.  The color is a beautiful, rich, somewhat hazy, orange. It is 100% Jacquere and has 9.5% alcohol. On the nose is a nuttiness and dried fruit aromas. The palate is delicious, a real treat, it puts a smile on your face. A pleasant roundness on the tongue and a bit metallic, more dried fruit and some oxidativeness. There is a refreshing acidity and brightness which makes one reach for another sip. This wine is nicely balanced and has a good length. If you know someone who doesn’t like orange wine, offer them a glass of this. If they still don’t like orange wine don’t offer them anymore, finish it yourself!

emilien 2012 chateau le puy

“Émilien” 2012 – Château Le Puy

Bordeaux. A region that don’t excites me anymore. Of course during my short sommelier life I tasted some great name of Bordeaux, on mature vintages, at expensive prices… but I finally drink very few Bordeaux. Even less since I drink natural wines ! Here comes Château Le Puy, my personal great Bordeaux, my favorites, everything I love in wine I found it in their Bordeaux wines ! Château Le Puy is a family domaine since 1610 (!) owned by Jean-Pierre and Pascal Amoreau nowadays. Biodynamic, very few (or no) sulfites, no filtration, no new oak barrel. A natural wine but with a strong Bordeaux identity. “Émilien” is the classic wine from Château Le Puy, a blend of 85% Merlot, then mostly Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Though it’s still pretty young it’s a real pleasure to drink it after decanting : it’s ripe, on the cooked black currant and blueberry, with vegetal hints like red pepper and grass (Cabernet typicality but no caricature). On the palate it’s elegant, thin but generous, absolutely no rough tannins, …

B rouge 2014 du Chapeau Bas

B rouge 2014 – Chapeau Bas

Forget everything you knew and thought were true about Syrah. Let go the oaky, vanilla Parker tremens that goes with it. B red from Chapeau Bas is all about freshness, red fruits and crunchiness and sorry… But the bottle is gone. With a low 11,5% of alcohol, you will be amazed by how this grape variety is so enjoyable! This is why natural wines are so wonderful. They always go against preconceptions of what we thought wine or grape varieties were. Natural wine is a whole new world. Don’t forget to take some time to dive into it and give this one a try!